How much does it cost to post an ad?

  • Zero

How do I register?

I am not getting my activation email.

  • Check your spam/trash folders
  • If you cant find it, we can activate it for you

How long is my ad valid?

  • 90 days

Does my ad renew?

  • No

Can I post pictures?

  • Yes (4) G-Rated photos. No exposed skin whatsoever.
  • REQUIREMENT: 1 photo minimum.  No photo, no advertisement
  • Limit pic size to 1200x1200 pixels to avoid errors.  Settings in your camera menu.
  • If your picture is too big 2MB then you will not be able to upload the photo.
  • Good Picture vs. Bad Picture
  • Flash v. No Flash

Can I suggest a new Category?

  • Yes by all means please do so.

What are the Prohibited Items?

  • Guns, knives, ammo, arrows
  • Stolen items
  • Porn
  • Antiquities
  • Prescription Meds
  • Fake meds with claims of curing serious diseases
  • Bait and switch pricing scams
  • Illegal services such as Escorts

I click on a category and nothing happens.  Why?

  • Whenever a category has no ads there is no place to go.  As time goes by, and more peolple post, there will be fewer categories with no ads. 

Great Artwork on you website, who did it?

  • I did it using Inkscape vector based software, its free and fabulous if you know how to draw.

I don't have just one price, what should I enter?

  • Leave price field blank and "Price Varies" will automatically be entered afterwards.

Posting my email address in my listing.

  • Not a real good idea unless you like spam.  There is a contact link on the right margin and that is all you need.

Medical Professionals

  • Although it is not mandatory, we recommend Posting at least one staff photo