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About Us

So you are wondering who we are and thats why you are reading this page.  No doubt you are suspicious or skeptical that a classifieds site shows up mysteriously for SMA. 

I am thinking about retireing to SMA during the next year and I have been on line digging around for information.  One thing I noticed is that there isnt much on the net about SMA exPats or at least much of anything that is a classifieds site. 

There are many big travel websites and expat websites and blogs, all of which are very Big Dogs.  It seems that those websites want to have the largest piece of turf on the net.  There really is no place for that kind of domination in all parts of the planet.  I feel that what is needed is a much more targeted website just for the locals, not so much for people around the world.  And so, here we are today with this website. 

I have also put up a companion website called .  

Get the latest SMA SCOOP at the Forum.  Post all of your questions and answers for local exPats in SMA.  I urge you to visit that website also.



SmaDirectory AdministratorWelcome to This is your go-to source for buying/selling/trading all of that stuff you need or no longer need. Help expats move into their new San Miguel de Allende home by selling the things you no longer need. If you are a buyer, you can use the search feature to be automatically notified when something you need comes up for sale. Advertise your business at no cost. Our classifieds are designed to resemble newspaper classifieds, the kind most of us are accustomed to reading in our favorite newspapers. All ads are free. All users must register and then validate their email addresses in order to post or to contact sellers. DO NOT DISPLAY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS OR YOU WILL START GETTING SPAM EMAIL. Enjoy!

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